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Date Reported to ESCC


Date ESCC Responded

ESCC Response


Arlington 17 ARL/17/1

After the recent storms the top of a large deciduous tree has broken from its trunk and the entire branched canopy has fallen over the bridleway like a cage. Could you clear the path please. I appreciate that you are probably very busy at the moment with all the storm damage. The tree is near the middle of the route but more towards the Arlington Road West end.

02/03/22 Maintenance have been sent to look at the problem.

Chalvington with Ripe 33 and 34

This has been closed to 4 wheeled vehicles over the winter period but the locked gate at one end and the post at the other end has meant that it has been barred from carriage drivers.  Is this what was intended or should alternative barriers be used.

20/02/22 There is no facility to just restrict 4-wheeled motorised vehicles so it has to be closed to carriages as well.  It is done to protect the surface but carriages cannot be catered for as there is no room for a small gate to be placed by the side of existing barrier structures

Longman 16b

There is a huge mature tree which has fallen across the byway preventing use by horses. This tree has been torn up by its roots and is lying directly across the path. It is much too heavy to move aside and will need to be cut by chain saw. It is lying at the Gate Wood/Nate Wood end of the path.

26/08/21 Already had this reported and have passed it over to the Forestry Commission as it is on their land.

Arlington 18 AGAIN!

The reinstated chestnut stakes have again been removed from the ditch at the end of the bridleway which opens onto Arlington Road West.  The deep ditch which runs alongside the bridleway is very dangerous should a horse spook at the road.  There is just nowhere for a horse to go except in the ditch which could lead to serious injury to either horse or rider or both.



Will send a team to investigate.

Stakes have been replaced.


Arlington 18 FOLLOW UP

Nothing has been done to reinstate chestnut stakes that were reported missing on 10/07/20




The work will be completed in the next few weeks.  There has been a delay due to workloads.

Stakes have been replaced.


Arlington 18

Chestnut stakes have been removed from the ditch at the end of bridleway which opens onto Arlington Road West.  Dangerous as there is nowhere for a shying horse to go except to slip into the ditch.

13/07/20 Looking into this and will send a team to inspect damage.

Longman 16a and southern end of Longman 16b

Overgrowth blocking the path needs to be cut back.


Planning application WD/2020/0311/O Robin Post Lane

Submission to Planning Dept, Wealden District Council.  for objection.


Arlington 9C and Arlington 18

High winds have brought down a couple of trees that are blocking the path.






Trees cleared by ESCC.

Photos sent to ESCC showing extent of fallen trees.  ESCC have confirmed that a team will be sent to deal with it within the next fortnight starting after the August bank holiday.

Logged report and sent to Maintenance Team for them to arrange a site visit.


Westfield 50c, and part of Westfield 50d

Consultation regarding permanent seasonal closure of the above.













Following on from confirmation on width required from BDS. ESCC will be looking at how they can accommodate carriages.  More to follow.

ESCC have agreed that they will not close the route during the winter months for carriage drivers.  However it will require carriage drivers to use a code obtained from ESCC to open locked gates and also ESCC need to remove some concrete blocks but do not want to move all of them.  BDS to confirm what is required.

Concrete block and tree stop carriage drivers from accessing this byway at any time of the year.  This is going to be considered by ESCC to see if they can open it up for carriage drivers.

Comments noted by ESCC.  Byway not to be closed to riders only to carriage drivers between October to March.


Arlington 9C

Water draining from the Knockhatch Ski slope is running over and into the right of way.

18/04/19 Ditch alongside of path has been cleared in places and the bank built up where it was breached causing water to drain over the path.

Heathfield and Waldron 29a

Another fallen tree obstructing the path at the junction with footpaths Heathfield and Waldron 68a and 68b.

Entire route completely overgrown and too narrow for carriages.

Gate G0858 is too narrow for carriages to pass through.

08/08/17 Accepted receipt of email.

Heathfield and Waldron 29b

Fallen tree obstructing the path just 500m from where this joins Heathfield and Waldron 29a.

08/08/17 Accepted receipt of email.

Heathfield and Waldron 29c

Gate G0861 says NO ENTRY.

Gate G0862 is padlocked.

Gates G0863 and G0864 are too narrow for carriages to pass through.

Just beyond Gate G0864 there is a fallen tree across the path.

Gate G6326 has a large 2m wide gate which is locked and a small gate which is too small for a carriage to pass through.

08/08/17 Accepted receipt of email.

Heathfield and Waldron 37b

Footpath is washed out with deep gulleys.

08/08/17 Accepted receipt of email.

Heathfield and Waldron 37a

Incorrectly marked as bridleway and footpath.  Should be RB.

08/08/17 Accepted receipt of email.

Walbleton 85b

Incorrectly marked as bridleway and footpath.  Should be RB.

08/08/17 Accepted receipt of email.

Arlington 18

Reported the dangerous collapsing ditch to the side of the bridleway again as nothing has been done about this part of the ditch although chestnut stakes have been put in along the side of the road.



Chestnut stakes put in place.

Ditch has been inspected but whilst its proximity to bridleway has been noted, if filled in would compromise the drainage along the rest of the ditch.  So chestnut stakes are going to be placed along the edge to create a visible barrier.


Arlington 9a

Hedgerows need to be cut back as path is becoming very overgrown.

13/06/17 The path has been recorded as requiring clearance.
06/04/17 Arlington 43a & Arlington 43b Hedgerows need to be cut back as being used for Havenswold drive on 23rd July. 07/04/17 Maintenance team alerted but no guarantee that it will be completed in time for drive.
06/04/17 Arlington 18 
Dangerous collapsing ditch to the side of the bridleway.
Remains of old barbed wire fence sticking out of the mud all along the side of the bridleway.  
07/04/17 Already been alerted to the dangerous ditch.  Sending a team to put in chestnut stakes.
Maintenance team will look into the danger of the barbed wire.
06/04/17 Bexhill 58a, Bexhill 58b, Bexhill 76a, Bexhill 76b, Bexhill 76c, Bexhill 34 & Bexhill 35b 
Barriers to be erected to stop 4x4s from entering Combe Valley Countryside Park.   Please give some consideration to carriage drivers so as not to prevent their usage of the park.




5 foot wide gates have been erected. Limited carriage use has been allowed through the Combe Valley Countryside Park.  Contact Pearl for more details.

Access for carriages will be considered.  Will need to await outcome of decision as regards what type of barriers will be put in place.


Contact Pearl Hudson if you have any issues with a right of way in your area regarding maintenance, obstructions or issues surrounding the use of your local footpaths, bridleways or by-ways.  Pearl will take it up with the County Council on your behalf.  If you also report it yourself as well that is good, as the Council tend to respond if they get more than one complaint.  As users of these public places we are all the eyes and ears on the ground and help the council in keeping these areas in good order.  You can email Pearl on or telephone 01323 509986.